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Q. Where do your tours begin and end?

A. All our package tours begin in Seattle, with a pickup at your hotel. Please note that if you are staying in private accommodations, you may need to meet us at a nearby hotel to begin your tour. Our Alaska Highway Tour ends in Fairbanks, AK, the southbound route starts in Fairbanks and ends in Seattle. The Highway 101 Tour starts in Seattle and ends in San Francisco or vice versa.


Q. How should I pack for the weather?
A. Pack for a variety of weather – some warm days and perhaps cooler evenings with potential light rain. We will provide you with a full packing list once you’ve registered for the tour. Keep an eye on the forecast just prior to departure so you’ll know how to pack.

Q. How large are you tour groups?

A. Wild Goose Tours specializes in small-group tours. That means there will be a maximum of 4 passengers on your trip. Our average group size is 2 passengers. For private tours, we can and do arrange trips for larger groups.


Q. Why should I choose a small group tour?

A. We keep our group tours very small, not more than 4 guests. When exploring on a small group tour, groups can bond easier. You’ll meet some incredible new friends as you experience a new country together. Our guided tours make it easy to see the country truly from a local’s perspective. When you take one of our all-inclusive tours, we take care of every detail for you. Just show up and have a great time.


Q. Do you offer individually customized tours?

A. Absolutely, private, and custom tours can begin or end elsewhere in the country, depending on your travel ideas & wishes.


Q. What if the dates I want aren't available?

A. We may be able to open a tour date for you or accommodate you on a private tour. Whether you like to follow the same itinerary as our package trips or want it customized according to your ideas.

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